Discover the Safest, Healthiest, and Fastest Way to REAL, Life-Altering Fitness Results in a Small, Family-Like Community.

Here at the Jackson Athletic Club, we know you have personal goals that you can't seem to accomplish at:

  • a "cliquey", overcrowded bootcamp where you're treated like 'just a number'
  • a cookie-cutter CrossFit that doesn't work around your current aches and pains
  • or "regular gym" where you're not sure what exercise to do or how much weight to use.

To help you embrace the process and love the new, fit person you'll become, you'll:

  • Maximize strength and fat loss, while minimizing the risk of injury by training in small, personalized, and fully-coached groups 
  • Properly train for your current fitness level, no matter if you've never worked out before or consider yourself a seasoned gym goer
  • Improve overall health, boost energy levels throughout the day, increase lean muscle, and put your metabolism in overdrive by creating realistic nutrition habits for your body type
  • Get fast, sustainable results no matter how much time you can dedicate to the gym or what your busy life throws your way by keeping you accountable each and every week

"Why Should I Join the Jackson Athletic Club?"


Each exercise is fully-coached and scaled to your current fitness level to ensure personal safety. They are only intensified as you get in better shape.


Our clinically-designed nutrition and supplement programs are customized to your needs and health history, so that you will recieve the fastest results possible.


We do understand how easy it is to get off track. If you miss a session, we'll reach out to make sure you get back in. Consistency is the key to your success with us.

Our Programs:

Women's Fitness

Small and Large Group Sessions

Men's Fitness

Small and Large Group Sessions

Sports Performance

Training for Teams

About 'The Club'

Build. Stronger. People.

This is our mantra. What we live by.

When you become part of the JAC Family, you'll become the strongest, healthiest, fittest version of yourself.  

Whether your goal is to get in better shape, prepare for a specific competition or event, get bigger/stronger/faster for your sport, or simply be around people who bring the best out of you, we can help you get started -- and be there every step of the way.

The Personalized Training and Nutrition Programs that are available at your fingertips will plug you into a community that wants nothing more than to see you change your life.

If you're looking for a quick fix, fad diet program, discounted gym membership, or an over-booked, cookie-cutter training class that leaves you feeling "smashed up" and worse than when you walked in, you won't find them here.

If you're ready to commit to building friendships that last a lifetime, bullet-proofing your daily habits, and getting results that you never thought possible, then it sounds like this is the place for you. Click the button on this page and schedule your free, 60-minute consult. 

Our Story:

The Jackson Athletic Club is Jackson, NJ's original private fitness and nutrition facility.  

With humble beginnings we opened our doors in April of 2012 in a 700 square foot storage space known to the Jackson locals as "The Pit".

Starting with very little equipment, and armed only with the mission of changing the lives of people in the Jackson area, we preached the importance of strength and conditioning and how crucial it was to changing one's life -- no matter what your age or fitness level.

Fast forward a few years and into a fully-equipped 3,000 square foot facility, our members include those who have completed their first 5K run, Obstacle Race, or Powerlifting Meet (some holding State and National Records). Many of whom were new to proper training and nutrition, or have never worked out before.

Many youth sports teams who have trained with us include individuals who are District, Regional, and State Placeholders and Champions in Wrestling, State Champions in Football, and were accepted into Division 1, 2, and 3 colleges for athletics.

What was once a small "garage gym" has now become a movement, and we're ready for you or your child to become the newest addition.  

If you want to change your life or the life of your child, give us a call -- we'd love for your family to become a part of ours.

Meet Your New Coaches:

Coach Christopher Lopez is the Owner of the Jackson Athletic Club.

While the gym has been open since May of 2012, he has been coaching both Athletes and Adults since 2003 in gyms across central New Jersey.

He's trained hundreds of Adults looking to simply get fit and improve their quality of life in and out of the gym as well as countless Middle School, High School and Collegiate Athletes, MMA Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Military Personnel.

He looks forward to empowering as people as he can through the specific training and nutritrion methodologies taught at 'The Pit'.

His book, "The Parent's Guide to Strength Training for Football" focuses on helping parents understand the importance of strength and conditioning in preparation for football season.

Coach Zac Hagenberg came to the JAC as a trainer from a popular gym chain. 

Seeing how members were treated as dollar signs instead of people prompted him to look into other opportunities to work with people who were looked after and cared for in and out of the gym.

He believes that strength training is the best tool to improve our members' lives by giving them the best coaching experience possible.

Coach Megan Ántoni Placa is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist who is passionate about helping men, women, and student athletes become the healthiest version of themselves.

After earning a BA in Communications from Montclair State University, Megan completed post-baccalaureate studies in Dietetics, and completed the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City where she studied a variety of dietary theories and effective coaching methods.

She's received a Master of Science degree in Human Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Her award-winning book, “PUSH Past Perfect” offers inspirational strategies for pushing past obstacles and common struggles that get in the way of reaching diet and fitness goals.

What People Are Saying About Our Training Program:

“The JAC is unlike any other exercise facility that I have ever been to. You can truly feel that they honestly care about helping you achieve your goals. It’s not just about selling you a membership. It is about making you a member of their family and working together as a team to obtain the results that you are looking for. Chris, Zacnd Megan are amazingly supportive and I am so very grateful for the day that I chose to walk thru the door here and become a member of “The JAC”. I absolutely love it!!”  

Jessica Josephson

“The training at the JAC is GREAT!!! I LOVE IT!!! The way the workouts are set up is awesome! I absolutely 1000% highly recommend this place to everyone I know. It has helped me a ton already in these first few weeks, I am feeling stronger and just overall better since I started going here. Everyone I have met so far here has been really cool and helpful, none of that intimidation garbage that goes on in other gyms. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!”  

Rob Izbicki

“I love this place! Chris & his staff at the JAC are awesome! This is exactly the place for anyone wanting to get back into shape (or stay in shape) but doesn't like going to a huge gym! Small groups are great and everyone works together! Walking in for my first session I knew it wasn't gonna be easy...but it was great! I was hooked after that!”  

Randi Carroll

“You're crazy not to give Chris and team at least 30 days of your life. The progress you will make is life altering and addicting. It's easy to sign up for any gym, but you'll never get the level of detail, guidance, support, motivation enhancement, tailored training, and most importantly tangible results that you'll get at the JAC. His availability and friendship are unrivaled-his dedication to you, selfless. Furthermore the support and comradery from the Pit's members exceeds any I've experienced in the past.”  

Darren Trautwein

"I LOVE training at the JAC. This gym is absolutely awesome. I love the motivating, friendly and encouraging environment. Chris and Zac are outstanding Coaches with a passion for health and fitness. They emphasize proper form and technique, guide you through your workouts and push you to your full potential. My first 6 weeks have been a very rewarding experience. I’m thrilled with my results. I’ve lost several inches, increased muscle mass and became a member of an incredible community. I’m happier, fitter, leaner, stronger, empowered and so much more confident."  

Lisa Noble

"Training at The JAC has not only helped with my overall strength gains, but has changed the way I train all together. The methods used have shown me that weigh training is more than just about lifting heavy weight. With a combination of bodybuilding, functional training, and powerlifting, I was able to transform myself into a bigger, stronger, and more aesthetic person than I could ever be training at a conventional gym."  

Joe VanMorter

"Working out at the JAC has been great for my confidence. I've been here for a year and a half and not only have I gotten stronger, but I've lost almost 14" across my whole body and gained a ton of muscle. The trainers push me to be my best and the JAC family keeps me motivated to make it to every session. I love this place!"  

Kimberly Morte

"With all my sports injuries over the years,you have me doing things in 6 weeks that I haven't been able to do for over 25 years. With a total knee replacement on one side, no medial meniscus on the other, and then all the broken bones and torn ligaments, I can honestly say I am more flexible & stronger now more than ever.”  

Greg Small

"I have come farther both physically and mentally in one year at the JAC than a lifetime of failed quick fixes and diet plans. I have learned that lifting weights and building strength is empowering while improving my confidence, lowering my cholesterol, and losing over 20 pounds and many inches. Chris has built a solid community of people who continually motivate you. Finding people who are interested in seeing you succeed are hard to come by. Chris and Zac are genuine and top-notch!"  

Lisa Trent

“As a former High School and College Athlete, I have trained with many different strength and conditioning coaches. In all those years I've never experienced the kind of results I gained from just 8 weeks working with Chris Lopez. After 4 weeks of training I was 15 pounds lighter and doing agility drills that used my knee in ways I didn’t think were still possible. During my eight week testing session I could bench 225 pounds 12 times and could squat and dead lift 225 repeatedly. I could actually lift more weight for more reps than I could in college!” Nick Lombardi  

"I am beyond happy I found the JAC! My son Sean found the JAC originally and then after a year of him working out he said "Mom why don't you go?" SO I made that leap! I have never worked out this way ever and I was addicted instantly! The change is my life is incredible and I am so thankful! Chis and the Jackson Athletic Club has changed my sons life all around and mine as well! My son has Autism. He has never been interested in anything physical until the JAC! The change in him is a 360! Chris and Zac totally work with him and challenge him to do things that he never thought possible and had achieved!"  

Stephanie Hebron

“I improved my PT test by 40 pts since last October! 244 out of 300 possible pts. 60 pushups, 54 situps and 2 mile run in 17:22. Not bad for 46 year old! Thanks again for everything!” Major Sean Combs, US Army National Guard

"My entire family works out at the JAC. My son for almost 5 years and my husband and I for almost 2 years. Great trainers and members who push you out of your comfort zone but without bullying. Not only am I stronger and down a clothing size but I no longer have aches and stiffness."  

Lisa Connallon

“Having been a competitive athlete and continuing to train and workout since, I was in very good condition but ever since the workouts at the JAC, I have never been in better condition since my competitive days.My swim stroke count has increased; my 500 time has dropped 7 seconds. My core, upper and lower body strength has increased tremendously.”  

Rick Felicelli

"Myself, my husband, and my sister all started at the JAC with a 6 week trial. We really never thought we would love it so much,So we ended up staying with the pit after our 6 weeks were up! It's given me determination, confidence that I didn't know I had in myself. I want to give a huge shout out to Chris an Zac for being the great trainers they are, thank you!"  

Jessie Roberts

“Before his training programs I was working out regularly but not getting the results I wanted so he coached me on my nutrition, training technique, and schedule. The impact was almost immediate. In the first 3 months, I dropped 10 pounds and 6 inches around my midsection. The key to Chris' success as a Coach is that he trains me with his program, but can adjust the workout in real time based on my performance that specific day.” Alex Stanton  

“I've never considered myself an athlete so I was intimidated by the JAC at first. Chris quickly put me at ease by saying, "If you're committed, I'm committed." The journey began. After only a few weeks I began to see results. I lost noticeable inches everywhere. I'm physically stronger than I've ever been. I'm flipping tires, swinging sledge hammers, doing pullups and lifting weights. With JAC's one on one attention I've learned the correct way to exercise to maximize my results. Truly a great workout experience. I'm never bored!! Thanks Chris!!” 

Christine Flanagan

"Before I joined the JAC, I was bored with standard gyms and lacked the motivation to go on a regular basis. I came to the JAC underweight and mentally not into it thinking I was just in for your everyday workout. I was wrong. They put together a program along with a nutrition plan that has got me at 43 years old in the best shape of my life. The JAC has literally changed my life."  

Eric Fischer

“I have been a long distance runner for the last 8 yrs. Prior to last year I began to loose some of my speed. When I started with Chris I was really skeptical of his way of thinking & training. In literally two weeks, I lost 10 minutes off my finish time. It happened that fast! Not only did he change my way of training, but also my way of thinking. After 6 weeks of training, I have been maintaining an average 15 minutes less in my finish time!” Donna Small

"I've been with Jackson Athletic Club for 4 months now and have lost over 20lbs. But the real impact has been finding a community to be part of, increasing my strength and mental focus, and pushing myself farther than before. The scale doesn't tell the entire story. Owner Chris has built a lifestyle you can be part of no matter your goals or starting point. Trainer Zac is always chatting with me about new techniques or nutritional ideas to keep my progression moving forward. If you want to put yourself on a new path forward and are tired of the same old gym, this is the place to be."  

Seth Tomlinson

“Just took a kickboxing class. Thanks to your awesome strength training sessions I was stronger and got more out of my workout. They only had 5 pound weights left which equals baby stuff to me now!” Jaime Bennett

"I've been working out at the JAC since mid-April. I started off at 235 and now I am at 215. I have taking off at least a few inches off my waist since day 1. The great coaches and members were a major contribution towards my success I have had at the JAC and will continue to be a big part in helping me reach my ultimate goal!"  

Blaise DeMers

“Love this gym! I feel like a different person, stronger, healthier and more fit.” Dawn Leidenheimer

"I've been working out at the JAC for 8 months now. I lost 10 lbs and dropped a few inches in the first 3 months, since then I've been maintaining and getting stronger. Never belonging to a gym before had me a little apprehensive at first, but the friendly, welcoming attitude of the crew and the trainers made it easy. Chris and Zac are second to are second to none when it comes to coaching you through a work out, giving encouragement or even just advice."  

Vinny Rubio

"I have been going for 3 weeks so far and I feel the difference. I never thought I would be able to flip a truck tire but I did it. I can't wait to see how my body changes over the next few months. If you have a doubt about this place, come in and see for yourself!"  

Kim Fazekus

What People Are Saying About Our Nutrition Program:

"At first I felt as though I may not need it right away. That I would just do the classes and cut out some of the bad stuff and that I would be fine. Chris explained to me that not having my nutrition right would have a major impact on how successful I am with obtaining my goal. He explained it in a way that made complete sense to me so I agreed to it. Then Megan did her amazing analysis and it made me realize just how far off I was from proper nutrition based on my personal criteria. Not just a handout with a list of food me to eat and foods to avoid. But a personalized plan which takes into consideration all of your individualized data. Then Megan reviewed it all and explained in detail the how and why this is so important. Now I have access to her expertise every day to guide me thru when I need the help. When I say this is amazing I am not exaggerating. Chris and Megan have the experience to see what I needed even when I didn’t realize it. This was the missing piece for me. Now I am in the learning process and on my way to better results. I can not say enough good things about it. They are an amazing team and this is an amazing program."

Jessica Josesphson

"In all seriousness, the nutrition part has been a game changer for me. I “thought” I had the food part in check but realized I was just maintaining what I had originally lost since joining the JAC. And THAT was not enough for me. The fact that this program is customized for me and I am accountable to someone is why I am finding success. Is it easy? No. Does life get in the way? Absolutely! Would I have the knowledge and success without Megan Ántoni? No! Highly recommend the program!"

Lisa Trent

"Participating in the nutrition program at Jackson Athletic Club is one of the best decisions a person will make. Managed by Megan Ántoni, she possesses the knowledge of proper, balanced nutrition while having the patience, compassion and encouraging spirit for one wanting to make permanent life changes."

Linda Lair 

"I completed the Nutrition program and not only did I lose weight, I also lost inches and reduced my body fat. Meg was knowledgeable, professional, and guides you every step of the way. She and the program have educated me on how to become healthier. Have never felt better!! Thank you Meg and the Pit for offering this program!"

Lisa Felicelli 

"Megan will definitely help you get on track with your nutrition!!!! She helped me set a goal and take the right steps to reach my goal!!!"

Randi Carroll 

Our Address: Jackson Athletic Club 335 Bismark Rd, C1 Jackson, NJ 08527 732-907-0748 

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